• Support Multi Protocol from 9.9Gb/s to 11.3Gb/s
  • Single LC Connector
  • Single Fiber 1270/1330 Bi-directional Transmission
  • 2-wire Interface for Management and Diagnostic Monitor
  • XFI Electrical Interface with AC Coupling
  • Hot Pluggable 30 pin Connector
  • Compliant with XFP MSA
  • Compliant with IEEE 802.3ae 10GBASE
  • Compliant with 10G FC
  • Operation Temperature Range 0~70°C
  • Low Power Dissipation


  Part Number Date Rate Distance Wavelength Fiber
1 P910-2733 10Gb/s 10km Bi-Di 1270Tx/1330Rx SM Fiber
2 P910-3327 10Gb/s 10km Bi-Di 1330Tx/1270Rx SM Fiber
3 P920-2733 10Gb/s 20km Bi-Di 1270Tx/1330Rx SM Fiber
4 P920-3327 10Gb/s 20km Bi-Di 1330Tx/1270Rx SM Fiber
5 P940-2733 10Gb/s 40km Bi-Di 1270Tx/1330Rx SM Fiber
6 P940-3327 10Gb/s 40km Bi-Di 1330Tx/1270Rx SM Fiber
7 P960-2733 10Gb/s 60km Bi-Di 1270Tx/1330Rx SM Fiber
8 P960-3327 10Gb/s 60km Bi-Di 1330Tx/1270Rx SM Fiber
9 P980-2733 10Gb/s 80km Bi-Di 1270Tx/1330Rx SM Fiber
10 P980-3327 10Gb/s 80km Bi-Di 1330Tx/1270Rx SM Fiber